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Mitsubisi Fuso Strong and Tough Car's

Mitsubishi Fuso, Truk Tangguh dengan Banyak Keunggulan

Mitsubishi Fuso is now able to ramps automotive products in Indonesia. Automotive manufacturers that have been operating since the year 1970 is widely used by companies and business professionals in Indonesia. That is not another because of the dedication of Mitsubishi Fuso that seemed never tired to always present the toughest trucks in Indonesia.

However, what exactly is it capable of making Mitsubishi Fuso's production trucks so enthused by the Indonesian automotive market? What are the advantages of Mitsubishi Fuso's products? For more details, here are a variety of information on the advantages of commercial vehicles manufactured by Mitsubishi Fuso.

Mitsubishi Fuso Product Excellence

1. Braking

Mitsubishi Fuso has a brake arrangement in such a way that is capable of producing maximum brake power. The secret of the brake capability is no other due to proper brake laying. For the 6 wheels, the brake line is mounted straight with a top and bottom position. Meanwhile, for 10 wheels, the brake lever is mounted straight with a position on the left and right side so that the braking can be optimal.

2. Suspension

The next advantage of the Mitsubishi Fuso product is on the suspension. On production trucks Mitsubishi Fuso has a different spring thickness when compared to other local trucks. However, it will not interfere with the driver while driving. These differences are intended to reduce costs for automobile manufacturing production.

3. Transmission

Truck products from Mitsubishi such as Mitsubishi canter trucks, Fuso trucks, and other truck types have used turbo Intercooler technology. By doing so, the energy that can be produced by the truck can be maximized and efficient. In addition, every Mitsubishi Fuso product has been using a strong and durable machine so that it can operate in various road conditions in Indonesia.

Based on a wide range of advantages, it is certainly not wrong if the trucks of Mitsubishi Fuso are a favorite in Indonesia's automotive market. Armed with a variety of quality technologies and components, Mitsubishi Fuso trucks are very suitable for use in Indonesia which has a wide range of road conditions filled with challenges.

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