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    Ngalau Tarang Nagari Kamang Mudiak Kamang Magek Subdistrict

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    Friday, August 23, 2019, August 23, 2019 WIB Last Updated 2019-08-23T13:49:34Z
    Tourism to the shore may have been a normal thing for us, such as the maritime tourism that exist in the area in Indonesia such as Kuta Beach Bali, the charm of Mandeh beach in West Sumatra and some other beautiful beaches that exist In Indonesia.

    But what if we see the beauty of Goa tourism with the beauty of stalactites and stalactites in the cave? Does Pituluik's companions have tried to trace the halls inside the cave and see the beauty of stalactites and stalactites?

    Goa is identical with the beauty of stalactites and stalactites where both of these are rocks formed due to the water seepage in the walls of the cave, so it creates a beautiful stalactites and stalactites.
    One of the pretty unique caves in West Sumatra is Ngalau Tarang. The notion of Ngalau Tarang itself is a bright cave, if it is usually cave in it dark. But it is different from the cave that one ni because in this cave can still be entered by sunlight.

    Ngalau Tarang is one of the tourism objects in the Kamang area. The area has some beautiful natural attractions such as: Tarusan Kamang, Tirtasari Park and several other tourist attractions.

    The location of this attraction is in Nagari Kamang Mudiak, District of Kamang Magek, Agam Regency, West Sumatera. To access to the most recommended tourist site is to use a two-wheeled vehicle/Honda.

    Because if we use a car there there is no place to park the car, and usually the people who come to use the car usually put on the cars on the edge of the highway. Later will be connected by motorbike to the location.