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    Who is Yakjuj, Makjuj and King Zulkarnain

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    In ancient times, in the prophetic times of Abraham, lived a righteous king named Zulkarnain (Dzul Qarnain). The people loved it because the king was very wise. After the cruel leadership of King Namrud, Zulkarnain was present as a successor who brought welfare to his people. Not only that, Zulkarnain also had a great time in the religion of the Tauhid that the Prophet Ibrahim brought.

    According to the story of Ubaid bin Umair (a character from the Tabi'in) that Żul Qarnain is the maternal cousin of Khidr, coinciding with the time of Ibrahim and Luth, it is also said that Khidr became his spiritual adviser.

    According to other Muslim historians, Żul Qarnain had the original name of Abu Bakr Al-Himyari or Abu Bakr ibn Ifraiqisy from Daulah Al-Jumairiyah (115 BCE – 552 M) and his kingdom was called At-Tababi'ah.

    Dzulqarnain is the king who controls East and west. As we have mentioned that there are only 4 people who control East and West during pre history: 1. Namrud, 2. Sulaiman ibn Dawood, 3. Dzulqarnain, 4. Bakhtansar. Two believers and two other heathen. He was nicknamed Dzulqarnain because of the bronze horn used as the covering of his head, which he declared because of his control of the East and west.

    In history we know that the Kingdom of Koresh (Persian) was formed by bringing together the two previous kingdoms of the Media and Anshan kingdom in 549 BCE.

     "Vision" about the two-horn Rams, which are next to the higher horns that come later, to tell the lesser Horn of the Media and the higher horns of the later Parsi being the Parsi Empire. In the history of the people who established the Kingdom of Media and Parsi which later became the Parsi Empire was Cyrus the Great (600-529) BC, founded Imprium Parsi (550) BC, and ruled (550-529) BC. so  "Vision " hinting that Dzulqarnain is Cyrus the Great.

    1. Zulkarnain Expedition

    Zulkarnain is very intelligent and good at adventure. He carried out expeditions throughout the world to spread the religion of Tauhid. The King is very proficient in the language of various worlds. He is also proficient to travel from the Eastern Hemisphere to the west of the Earth. The story of his travel expedition is told in the Qur'an surah Al-KAHFI verses 83 to 101.

    On a Journey (the first expedition), from Persia westward to the Bosphorus Strait. Year 546BC. Zulkarnain reached the place of the sunset in the western part of the world. There he found his inhabitants unfaithful. Zulkarnain then had the ineness of God. They also received it happily.

    First Expedition trip route

    The journey Continues (second expedition), from Bosphorus eastwards to Babylonia (present-day Iraq). Year 540SM. Zulkarnain arrived in the eastern region of the world where the sun appeared to rise from there. The eastern inhabitants were very poor and underdeveloped to not be able to build shelter. Zulkarnain helped them, teaching him to have a place that could protect themselves from heat and rain. After receiving assistance, they received the da'wah of Zulkarnain.

    Second Expedition travel route

    He then resumed his journey (third expedition) from Babylonia northwards to Georgia. It occurred in the period of 538-530BC. The king of Zulkarnain was in a place between the two mountains. There is a people who do not understand the language. The intelligent Zulkarnain also requires translators to understand their speech. The people complained of their difficulties to Zulkarnain. They were always hit by poverty because their possessions were always being forced by the ruthless people named Yakjuj and Makjuj.

    Third Expedition Travel Route

    The location of the third expedition could certainly be in the Northern Territory, because the people found Dzulqarnain ask for help to be made a wall separating them with the Yakjuj Makjuj (Gog and Magog).

     "Hi Zulkarnain, surely Yakjuj and the people who made the destruction on the face of the earth, can we give you a payment, lest you make a wall between us and them? " Pinta inhabitants of the hill.

    Zulkarnain also wanted to help them. However, there is no power of effort except for God's help. Thus, the inhabitants of the two mountains of the Hill were invited. After they had faith, Zulkarnain thought of how to restrict them with the ruthless Yakjuj and Makjuj.  "Be with me iron and brass, I will make a wall between you and them," said Zulkarnain.

    Thus, all the mines of the inhabitants of the hill were gathered together. Zulkarnain then dug the land and built a solid foundation of iron. Afterwards, the iron is heated, then melted with a boiling copper liquid. Then, be the wall of a very sturdy fortress that has the Yakjuj and Makjuj in his residence.

    Seeing him, the inhabitants of the hill loved the mind, he also thanked Zulkarnain. However, humbly, Zulkarnain thanked God. "This wall is the mercy of my lord, so when I have come the promise of my lord, he will make him shattered and the promise of my Lord is true," said Zulkarnain.

    Meanwhile, from behind the mountains, Yakjuj and Makjuj tried to penetrate the wall. However, none of them have managed to climb it or to punch it until now. It is narrated that every day since Zulkarnain built a wall thousands of centuries ago, their leader always exerted his people to climb the wall. However, it never pays off even though it is done every day until now.

    They keep trying to punch him to get out of the fortress. After they managed to make a hole of one finger, God closed it back. From Abu Hurayrah Radhiyallahu ' anhu, the messenger of Allaah ' alaihi wa Sallam said,

    إن يأجوج ومأجوج يحفرون كل يوم ، حتى إذا كادوا يرون شعاع الشمس ، قال الذي عليهم : ارجعوا فسنحفره غداً ، فيعيده الله أشد ما كان
     "Yakjuj and Makjuj always dig (the fortress) every day, until when they almost see the sunlight, their leader says," Let's go home, we go on tomorrow. " Then God returned the former hole stronger than before.  "(NARRATED by Ahmad 10913, Ibn Maajah, 4218 and classed as Saheeh al-Albaani).

    Narrated in the ash-Shahiihain of Ummu Habibah binti Abi Sufyan, from Zainab binti Jahsy Radhiyallahu Anhuma, that one day the messenger of Allaah ' alaihi wa sallam came to him in shock, he said:

    لاَ إِلَهَ إِلاَّ اللهُ، وَيْلٌ لِلْعَرَبِ مِنْ شَرٍّ قَدِ اقْتَرَبَ، فُتِحَ الْيَوْمَ مِنْ رَدْمِ يَأْجُوْجَ وَمَأْجُوْجَ مِثْلُ هَذِهِ (وَحَلَّقَ بإِصْبَعِهِ اْلإِبْهَامَ والَّتِي تَلِيْهَا) فَقَالَتْ زَيْنَبُ بِنْتُ جَحْشٍ: فَقُلْتُ: يَا رَسُـوْلَ اللهِ أََنُهْلِكُ وَفِيْنَا الصَّالِحُوْنَ؟ قَالَ: نَعَمْ، إِذَا كَثُرَ الْخَبَثُ.

     "Laa Anla Illallaah, woe to the Arabs because the evil has been near, today the wall of the barrier Yes '-juj and Ma '-Juj has been open like this." (He wrapped his two fingers; thumb and the index. Zainab Binti Jahsy said, "I ask, ' O Messenger of Allah, shall we perish while among us there are still those who are Shalih? ' He replied, ' Yes, when the sowing is rampant. ' (Shahiih al-Bukhari, Book of al-Anbiyaa ', chapter Qishshatu Ya '-juj wa Ma '-juj (VI/381, Al-Fat-H), and Kitab al-Fitan (XIII/106, Al-Fat-H), and Shahiih Muslim, Kitab al-Fitan wa Asyraathus Saa'ah (XVIII/2-4, Sharh an-Nawawi).

    2. whose descendants are Yakjuj & Makjuj?

    Yakjuj Makjuj is a nation that likes to make damage that lives in the northern area. The house of Israel had known the name of the destroyer from the Bible, and they believed that Yakjuj Makjuj was descended from the prophet Noah from the line of Yafets (Japheth). Magogh bin Yafet ibn Nuh ibn Lamik (Lamaka) Ibn Metusyalih (Matu Salij) bin Idris bin Yarid bin Mahlail bin Qianan bin Anus bin Syit bin Adam.

    Ya'juj and Ma'juj were descendants of mankind, namely the sons of Noah's son named Yafis and migrated north, which is to Europe and southern Russia, after the dry flood. The descendants of Sam moved around the earth of Canaan and formed the Arab nation and its surroundings. The descendants of Ham also migrated to Africa and formed the African nation.

    3. Location of & Yakjuj Place

    The people on this expedition lived between the two mountains. Now we are looking for a mountainous location north of Babylonia. The only mountain ranges that we can encounter are the Caucasus mountains stretching from west to east, from the Black Sea to the Caspia Sea. The mountain separates the Russian region and the Central Asian region. It is actually not difficult for us to trace the location we are looking for this because some of the keywords have been mentioned in the above verses.

    Location Yakjuj & Makjuj between the two walls of the mountain

    The location is at the foot of Kazbek Mountain. The passage in Surah Al-Kahf above mentions the settlement to be between the "Saddain " (Two walls). The Caucasus mountain range that stretches from the west from the Black Sea to this location is the left mountain wall, while the right mountain wall is a row of mountains from this location eastwards to the Caspia Sea.

    4. What does Yakjuj & Makjuj look like?

    The Yakjuj & Makjuj known as the Cruel Man is in an unusual posture, they always spoil every thing that is passed. The Yakjuj and the Makjuj lived between the two mountains. They always disturb the people on the hill by roiling and destroying everything, both plants and livestock.

    Abu Hurayrah ibn ' anhu narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, "There will be no resurrection until the Muslims fight the ' Turk ' (tartar), the people whose faces (slippery and wide) like the shield. They will wear clothing (made) of feathers, and they walk wearing (shoes made) of feathers ". NARRATED by Muslim, Abu Dawood, and al-Nasaa'i.

    Yakjuj Illustrations & Makjuj

    According to another explanation, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "There will be no resurrection until you fight the people whose feet are made of feathers. And the apocalypse will not come until you fight the people of small and nosed Eyes "(NARRATED by Al-Bukhaari, Muslim, and Ibn Maajah).

    These two hadith match what happens to the traits and attacks of the Mongols, hence one of the genetic genetics is the same as the one encountered in this nation.

    5. Proving the existence of the location Yakjuj & Makjuj

    Abdullah Yusuf Ali in the interpretation of "The Holy Qur'an" writes that in the Hissar district of Uzbekistan, 240 km southeast of Bukhara, there is a narrow gap between the mountains of rocks. It is located on the main line between Turkestan to India with a coordinate of 38oN and 67oE. The place is now called "Buzghol-Khana " In Turkish, the Arabians call it "Bab al Hadid ", whereas Persia calls it  "Dar-i-Ahani ", and the Chinese name it  "Tie-Men-Kuan " which all mean "iron gate ".

    Hiouen Tsiang, a Chinese nomad once passed the ironclad door on his way to India in the 7th century. Not far from there is a lake called Iskandarkul. Sallam one of the researchers from the Abassiah, led by Al-Watsiq Billah and Ibn Bathuthah expressed the same thing that this location was located in central Asia.

    In 842 the Abbasid Caliphate, Al-Watsiq Billah, dreamed that the wall of the barrier that had broken the two tribes was destroyed, because it was a dream that he sent a team of expeditions led by Sallam one of the researchers to the iron gate earlier, to Know the state of that wall and its location. Al-Watsiq instructed him to find out about the wall. At that time, it was accompanied by 50 people. The research is costing big. Mentioned in the Nuzhat al-Musytaq, a geographical book, by Al-Idrisi, Al-Watsiq issued a fee of 5000 dinars for this study.

    They still find the gate between the mountain width of 137 meters with a large column on the left right made of iron beams that were casted with copper fluid, where the door hung giant leaves. Another story mentions Sallam seeing the mountains separated by the valley. The valley area is about 150 meters and the valley is closed by an iron-door wall of about 50 meters. [Book of Nuzhat al-Musytaq fi Ikhtiraq Al-Afaq  "HAL. 934-938, Al-Syarif al-Idrisi's work]

    Al-Idrisi also tells that according to the story of Sallam the inhabitants around the mountains usually hit the iron door keys 3 times a day. After that they attach their ears to the door to hear the reaction from within the door. Apparently, they hear an echo of cries from the inside. It shows that in the door exactly there are human beings that are said to be Yakjuj and Makjuj.

    In his book Al-Syarif al-Idrisi also said that Sallam once asked the inhabitants around the mountains, has anyone ever seen Yakjuj and Makjuj. They claimed to have seen a mob of people on the wall of the cover. Then the storm blows their throwing. The inhabitants saw their bodies very small. Afterwards, he returned through Taraz (Kazakhtan), then Samarkand (Uzbekistan), then the city of Ray (Iran), and returned to Al-Watsiq palace in Surra Man Ra'a, Iraq. He then recounted with the details of his research to the Caliph. During World War II, it was said that Winston Churchill, the British leader, saw the iron gate.

    Ibn Bathuthah said in the book of Rahlat ibn Bathuthah Yakjuj and Makjuj Mountains are about a 6-day journey from China. The narrative is not contrary to al-Syarif al-Idrisi. Because in the northwest of China is the regions of Russia.

    In other versions, archaeologists have found the fortress at the beginning of the 15th century AD behind Jeihun in the Balkh expedition and referred to as Bab al-Hadid (The Iron Gate) near Tarmidz. It has been passed by, as well as the Shah Rukh and German scientist Slade Verger. The Spanish archaeologist, Klapigeo, in 1403 A.D., was once sent by King Qisythalah in Andalus and to the east. Bab Al Hadid is the connecting road between Samarkand and India.

    6. On the other hand and Makjuj

    And Makjuj from where they were one of the signs of the day of Resurrection. As a Zulkarnain speech, if Allah is so simple then the walls are destroyed. With a disability of the wall of every day by Yakjuj and Makjuj, they will be successful in the moment by the end day. As they get out of there, their amount is very much. They were a whole mountain of water. Nothing they are lewati, unless it will be devastated. Every crop is Dirusak, every soul will be killed. Thus, the cruelty of Yakjuj and Makjuj.

    By the next judgment, the gate will be driven by them, then they go out and make the world Onar, until they meet the Prophet Isa al-Still and his followers.

    At the time, the Yakjuj and Makjuj would be able to destroy the top iron walls developed by Zulkarnain, they would descend from let quickly and hurry, they were not looking forward to making the Earth's face. Mentioned as (those) people who are quick in walking use make a wrinkle.

    When they were able to reach Danau Tabriyah, Palestina, they would drink until the Danau of the water, as the number of their population, until the last person who was able to achieve the Danau would say,  "So was there still.  "[HR Muslim 2937]

    In the narrators An-Nawwas bin Sam'an mentioned that Allah Memberitahukan to Jesus will be out of the way and the Makjuj who had no one could fight against them, and Allah commanded Jesus to keep the faithful of the streets of Makjuj Seraya said: "Gather my servants to Gunung Ath-Thur." [Asyrathu As-Sa'ah, Joseph Al-Wabil HAL. 369] In the end they lost after Jesus applied for the aid to Allah through the worms who attacked all the second neck of the quarter. [Hadits narrated by Ibnu Majah No. 4079. Dishahvalidate Al-Albani Rahimahullahu]

    7. Ya'juj explanation and Ma'juj Al Qur'an

    The story of the Zulkarnain is found in the Qur'an Al-KAHFI verses 83 to 101. As for further clarification on Yakjuj and Makjuj there in Surah Al-Anbiya verse 96-97. From that story there are wisdom about the wise and humble attitude of the leaders. However, the most important lesson that reminds us will be the day of resurrection. By his intention, we have grown in worship. The true Makjuj and the truth are still alive.

    Their appearance was one of the days of resurrection.  "Until when unzipped (wall) Yakjuj and Makjuj, and they descended rapidly from the rest of the high place. And it has been a true appointment (day of consequence), and suddenly the unbelievers shall have any eyes of the disbelievers. (They said), ' Aduhai, wo be unto us, we are in this omission, but we are the wrongdoers.  "Al-Anbiya'ayat 96-97.

    "O Allah, turn off us in a Muslim condition (self-esteem), and turn on us in a Muslim condition (self-esteem), and to bring together, combine us with righteous people." Hr. Ahmad and Al-Bukhari).

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