How to Create a Logo with Turbologo

How to Create a Logo with Turbologo
When I first became acquainted with Turbologo of course because I was looking for a reference to the free logo maker app on the Internet. After Membanding-bandingkan, Turbologo emerged as one of the leading times.

When starting out, I can quickly use the features it offers since all the features and usage are familiar. Adapting to it is quite easy and fast.

When we want to create a logo, we will first be presented with a variety of ready-made logo templates in several categories. This is very good because it helps users to quickly get familiar with its basic features at startup.

After that, the navigation feature in the interface is also simple so it's easy to delete the layout.

From changing the template, changing the font, adding icons to creating the logo on the canvas available, it's even easier.
Its abundant collection of templates and Iconis certainly another advantage of Turbologo, although choosing the best one among the many collections will take a lot of time.

Fortunately, there is also a search feature so when using more specific keywords (it comes with the auto-suggestion feature in the search box as in Google), what is looking to be more discoverable and can save more Much time.

To create a logo automatically and practically, simply login using a Google Account or use a Facebook account. Later on, you can run the Turbologo and create the Dream logo.

Users are given the opportunity to try their features first. When satisfied, users have the option to get premium features if they feel the need.

One thing I really like about Turbologo is that the price is quite affordable. It does not set subscription fees, but rather a one-time purchase for a single logo.


Well, that's a short Turbologo review of mine. In this Turbologo review, does it mean I recommend this free online logo maker app?

After using it, yes, I highly recommend it, especially for those of us who have limited expertise in terms of graphic design, especially in the creation of logos.

Turbologo is not only helpful on one occasion. If you are in the future often deal with graphic design, especially when selling services of creating visual elements such as logos, Turbologo will be very helpful with the price that I think is very decent.

Going forward, I plan on offering a logo making service to my clients.

How do you think? Have you tried Turbologo? If you have, let's share your experience with the comment field below. If not, try now all the features for free by clicking here .

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