How To Research the RightKkeywords for Websites

Keyword or keyword is one important aspect if there will do SEO optimization on the website. The keyword selection for the website should also be precise and appropriate to your website. Here are some tips on determining the right keywords for your website.

The step to do is to do some research on the keywords to be used. Choose a keyword with competition that isn't high, but much sought. Here are the types of keywords you should know:

Short Tail keyword

A Short tail keyword is a keyword that consists of only one or two words. For example: tourism, Jogja tourism.

Long Tail keyword

Long Tail keyword is an extension of the Short tail keyword. For example: Beach tourist spots in Jogja. If your website is new, it is advisable to use a long tail keyword, because for short tail keywords usually have become the ration of a blog that is already old or reputation already good. To do keyword research you can use some tools like Google Keyword Planner, Here is the usability Of the tools. The first is Google Keyword Planner. To use this tool, please log in first on the page using the Gmail account, then click on Find new keyword

After that, input the keyword you want to use, can be filled with the theme of your website, then click Get started to start keyword search. 

After that it will display a list of keywords that can be used following the number of search frequencies and competition. From the results of the keyword, please select the keyword you want to use for your website. Up to here keyword search using Google Keyword Planner is finished.

The second way can use tools from more function to find the long tail keyword of the keyword to be used. To use these tools is very easy, please you access enter the keyword that you will use.

After that will display the search results of long tail keyword from the main keyword inserted.

From the keyword search results of the two tools, from the keyword recommendation obtained, please enter the keyword you have chosen to 100 the first word on the material on your website.

In addition to the two tools above, of course there are many other tools that can be used to determine the website keywords. You can use paid Tools like Ninja Keyword, Market Samurai, or Ahref Keyword Tools that are paid versions.

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