iPhone Sales Goes Down On The Market 2020

iPhone Sales Goes Down On The Market 2019.

Apple is one of the biggest brand of smartphones market. and world largest premium phone producer, every single product of apple going hit on the world, like PC, Laptops, Smartwatch, Smartphones, iPod, and many other. Apple if famous for his quality products. all over the world apple have many customers who really like apple products. that's why apple is the one of the richest company it the world. from last few year apple was sell a many phones and other product and generated huge revenue and from many years apple is topped on smartphone manufactures, But in the end of  2020 apple goes down on the market. 

iphone goes down and generated less revenue

According apple CEO Tim Cook said first-quarter revenue of the company goes down than expected. Then Apple is planning to slow the production of iPhones. Because iphone is not generated a good revenue. Apple was announced the he is developing a new technology and come with new features for boost the iPhones revenue. The main reason is a apple sales going down is high cost of apple products. And second one is market competition. Because there are many smartphones company who is giving a quality product in low price like OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, and many more. If apple really want to generate to good revenue. so apple take a strong decision for iPhone sale.

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