Circular Hill Tour Tirtasari Park

Sumber Gambar: caretet
For friends who are hobby of rural tourism, Tirtasari Park is one of the Tirtasari Park is one of the tourist sites that are currently hits. Every day this tourist place is always visited by tourists, both local and foreign tourists.

One of the locations that is quite interesting when visiting Tirtasari Park is climbing Bukit Bulek. From the top of this hill, we can enjoy the natural beauty of Tirtasari Park in the form of a lake or a bbly, the Bukit Barisan that surrounds Tirtasari Park and rice-covered paddy fields.

In addition to Bukit Bulek also there is a tree house that is certainly a friend Pituluik can be take pictures above, and the position of the tree house is quite strategic so that best friends can take photographs that are cool.
Sumber Gambar: caretet

From some information that the author can this round shaped hill is reportedly later will be in the Tanami with shady trees and underneath it will be planted with flowers.

At this time, Tirtasari Park is actually still a development stage, there are several rides that will be made and also places for a cool photo spot like a hobbit house that is currently under construction.

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