Enjoy the beautiful stalactites and stalagmite caves of Kamang

Sumber Gambar: caretet
Ngalau Kamang is a natural attraction located in the area of Agam Regency. Precisely this attraction is in Jorong Durian, Nagari Kamang Mudiak, sub-district of Kamang Magek.

Ngalau is a Minang language which means Goa. So Ngalau Kamang meaning is Kamang cave where the cave is in the Kamang mountain.

For a pituluik friend who is fond of cave tourism, Ngalau Kamang is one of the most desirable tourist attraction to visit. Because in the cave is a buddy besides being able to see the beauty of the stalactites and stalactites in it, there are also several statues.

From the search we have tried when entering this ngalau, there are several statues of humans and animals. What is interesting in the cave is that there is also a dragon shaped statue that is about 3-5 meter long.
Sumber Gambar: Wisata Sumbar
For a friend who wants to visit this attraction do not forget to bring the equipment to browse the contents in this cave. In addition, ask the locals who know the streets that are in the cave.

Do not let the next friend reckless into and get lost to the search may be chaotic. In addition, do not forget to bring lighting tools such as CAS lamps, strongman, flashlight and some other necessary tools.

To access the road to your own location, you can use motorcycles or by car. Only from the public road to the road to the location of this tourist attraction is still not paved, so try to bring the vehicle slowly so that M = vehicle companions will not be damaged.

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