Gadih Ranti Waterfall, a waterfall that saves history

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To hear the name Gadih Ranti, the community of Agam District is familiar with the story of the life of Gadih Ranti. Where he was defamatory had done nothing he did with his older brother, so he was in the usr of his hometown.

Little story, Gadih Ranti is an orphan who has long been left by both parents. At that time, he was cared for by the family of one of his parents, and he lived with his older brother, Si Jaban.

He was defamatory by the people in whom he had a forbidden relationship, and did not do what he had been accused of. Then they were both in banish from his hometown.

After that they wander to find shelter. But because the bad news is very fast and it will go anywhere they want to settle, they are always in banish by the villagers.
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Referring to our original topic, Gadih Ranti waterfall is a not so popular waterfall. But if the buddy has come to this tourist site, maybe the buddy will repeat and repeat to come to this tourist spot. Because this tourist place displays the beauty of its nature as well as the beauty of the waterfall itself.

Gadih Ranti Waterfall is named because this waterfall was once visited by Gadih Ranti for bathing. But this is just a story of legend, it can only be a story and it can be a reality that happened anciently.

One other thing that has a close relationship with Gadih Ranti is the Bapoll stone in Jorong Sonsang. As well as the history of Jorong Sonsang which until now is not overgrown by coconut trees, whereas other villages of coconut trees can live fertile.

The location of this waterfall is located in Jorong Dama Gadang and Jorong Arikia area, Nagari Tanjung Sani, Tanjung Raya District, Agam Regency, West Sumatera. This tourist location is approximately 1.6 km from JLN Raya Lubukbasung-Maninjau.

To get to the location we must pass through the road of Sao-Arikia and also pass the footpath for approximately 500 meters. So for the buddy who wants to come to the location try to bring two-wheeled vehicles, but if the physical buddy allows please also to bring the car. But later Buddy should go further to reach this tourist site.

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