How to copy Paste article Blog or Website that can not copy paste

Sumber Gambar; Bung Frangky
The activity of copying a content site is often said to be done in the Internet era today. Only, not everyone is aware of the source of the copied pages.

Although it is essentially unethical for a writer, it is still often done by some people. This activity is clearly seen as a form of plagiarism. For that, some sites such as blogs or websites include special tools in order to prevent the content of a writing copied or in copy paste.

How to Copy Paste someone's Blog

However, on some occasions, the ability to copy a content is obviously needed. Therefore, to circumvent these things there are several ways that some browsers can use to copy protected or locked content.

It's just that, keep in mind that this should be done responsibly. So, users are not allowed to copy content without efforts to appreciate content writers. So try to copy and paste the article from a website to list the source.

Well here is how to copy content/Copy Paste from protected site in 3 (three) browsers:

1. Google Chrome

1. Go to Settings = > and select Privacy Settings

2. After that click on Content Settings

3. Once open, locate and click JavaScript and click ' Do not allow any site to run JavaScript '.

2. Mozilla Firefox

1. If using the latest Firefox 31 and up, users simply type ' about: Config ' in the Addressbar column.

2. After that proceed with selecting ' I'll be carefull. I Promise '.

3. Then, in the search field look for ' Javascript. Enabled '.

4. And, the user just double-click to disable Javascript.

3. Internet Explorer

1. Click Tools, then select Internet Option

2. Select Security and click Custom level

3. After showing the Security Settings view, find and select Scripting

4. Click Disable on Active Scripting, allow on Paste Operations via Scripting and Scripting of Java Applets. After that select Yes and OK.

But remember do not copy and paste the original article, Terlusuri first website that will be copied paste. If the website has the protection from the DMCA, then you will be able to copy and paste the contents of the website article.

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