Tomb of Tuanku Nan Renceh, Tourism of Minangkabau history

Sumber Gambar: Caretet
Tuanku Nan Renceh was a hero who was most admired by the Minangkabau people. He was a strict leader and also a great scholar who taught Shari'ah Islam in Minangkabau.

Tuanku Nan Renceh was also a very loud cost in teaching the Islamic religion, because his personality is known to be very strict. He will not tolerate any person who violates Shari'ah, because for him religion is the number one thing.

What then does the Pituluik friend know about Tuanku Nan Renceh? (Please friend answer it in the Comments field)
Sumber Gambar: Caretet
In homage to him, Minangkabau people often visit his tomb located in Nagari Kamang Mudiak, Kamang Magek District, Agam District. But as time goes by, this time there are many people who forget about his services.

So at present there are many young generations who do not know him and remember his merits in ancient times. For a friend of Pituluik who wants to visit or to see the tomb of Tuanku Nan Renceh can follow the direction of channel map below:

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