Angela Skills & Abilities

Price: Diamond Price 499,BP 24000

Passive: Smart Heart, Using skills increases her movement speed. Attached allies also benefit from this speed increase.

Skill 1: 

Love Waves, Launches love energy in the designated direction, dealing magical damage to enemies and inflicting them with a stack of Lover’s Mark (each stack of Lover’s Mark increases damage taken and reduces movement speed). This skill has a healing effect when used on allies.

Skill 2: 

Puppet on a String, Launches a puppet string at the specified target, dealing magical damage. Immobilizes and deals damage to the target if they’re still connected to the string at the end of the skill’s duration. The final damage is enhanced by Lover’s Mark.


Heart Guard, Angela gathers energy to generate a shield for any ally on the map. After a short pause, she will become attached to the target. If you use this skill again, or if the friendly target dies, the effect will be canceled.

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