Mobile Legends Beginner’s Guide – Tips to Get Started


For newcomers understanding MOBAs is not an easy task. This Mobile Legends Beginner’s Guide will help every newcomer to understand the world of Mobile Legends – Bang Bang and be a pro while completely owing your opponents and it will also help you understand the game map and other basic mechanics of the game.

Mobile Legends – Bang Bang is a MOBA developed and published by Moontoon for iOS and Android systems. Let’s start with some tips about the basic mechanics of the game. In our Mobile Legends Beginner’s Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about getting started with the game that might feel intimidating at start.
Mobile Legends Beginner’s Guide
Understanding the Map

Just like every other MOBA game, understanding and learning the map is very crucial for this game as well. When it comes to the map, you should focus on three aspects. They are lanes, jungle and sub-bosses.

Lanes are the main paths that lead to your enemy’s base. When you look at the map, there will be three lanes namely top, middle and bottom with their names suggesting their locations. The minions or creeps are spawned regularly, which attack the turrets located in each of these lanes. Your main objective will be to destroy your enemy’s base and it cannot be destroyed unless these turrets are destroyed.

The best way is to wait for your creeps or minions to spawn and then follow them as they will take the brunt of the fight and you can plan your attacks accordingly. However, it should be kept in mind that enemy heroes will also be present in each location so you must plan accordingly.

Each lane has a specific type of role attached with it such as fighters use the top lane, middle lane is used by assassins while the bottom lane is used by tanks or mages. You should expect similar types of enemy heroes in the lanes so you should know what to expect.

The area between lanes is called jungle is called jungle and it not only provides easy access to every other lane but it is also a very excellent spot of farming for gold and experience. They eliminate the need to go back to the base to change lanes and house many other bonuses as well. Jungles provide good cover if you want to plan surprise attacks in the lanes as well.

Jungles house different monsters which can be killed for experience and gold, the respawn after some time so they provide good farming chance to other players as well. As the players advance in levels, more difficult enemies spawn in the jungle that yield better rewards.

In jungles, you will often find bonuses, which spawn regularly and can be picked up by heroes such as mega damage and double experience. Some characters are specifically termed as good junglers and their abilities are well suited for jungle farming. If you want to jungle in a game along with fighting in lanes then you should opt for a hero that has good jungling skills as well.

Sub bosses are powerful and considerably difficult enemies, which spawn late in games when players are considerably high in level. They are a good challenge for players who really want to test their mettle. These bosses are always dealt with teams, as they are very difficult to defeat single-handedly.

Tackling and defeating these sub bosses is totally worth the trouble because the bonuses they u=yield are exceptional and they can really turn the tide of the battle around. Therefore, if your enemies have managed to defeat an enemy before you, your team must buckle up and defeat the second one to maintain an equalizer in the match.

Be a Team Player!

MOBAs are team-based games and this is no different from any other MOBA game. Playing in a team requires communication otherwise; you will not be able to cooperate with you teammates. Being a mobile game, communication is a little difficult but it is still possible. It will prevent a situation in which you are left alone with the enemy team as they can help you get out of a sticky situation.

Your team should be balanced and not be focused on one character type. It should have a combination of tanks, mages, fighters and assassins. It will be very beneficial as your team can handle any situation with a balanced fighting skill set. Some players are good junglers and they help out fellow players by fighting heroes with them in different lanes and then going back to jungling.
Defeating the Enemy

The ultimate goal of this game is not to defeat the enemy heroes but it is to destroy the enemies base. This by no means as easy feat to accomplish. To get to the enemy’s base, you will need to get through enemy minions in every lane, kill their heroes and destroy the three turret in lanes. Every lane has three turrets that will need to be destroyed to be able to destroy the side of the base of that lane.

To destroy a turret, you must have at least 2 heroes to push in the lane and wait for minions to spawn. Follow the minions, reach the attack ring of the tower, and keep on damaging the tower. Your minions will probably die out soon due to continuous attacks and then you should wait for the next batch of minions. Also, watch out for enemy players as they will try their best to defend their turrets. Repeat this for next 2 turrets as well and then you can finally make a move at the enemy’s base.

At this point, a jungler is the best support player with you who can swoop in occasionally to lend you a hand. Once you’re done with the towers, all you have left is the enemy base that you can destroy with you teammates. Never rush the game and be a hero. Always be a good team player if you want to be successful at this game. Practice playing with teams and learn the map to gain advantage over your enemies.

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