Your Account is in Danger Fix

 Your Account is in Danger FixAccount is in Danger Step-1

Today i came up with a very simple solution to this situation. Where you tried to recharge but you see and error saying “Because your account in danger, you can’t recharge now. Please contact customer service.” We will fix that easy way.
How to Fix Your Account is in Danger

This happens when you try for first time recharge, Or you try to recharge one of your friends account, Or you change your device and trying from another device. This is very annoying and we all know that contacting in game customer support will take quite some time. To avoid this i have a very simple fix and it will work 99% time. Here it is.

After seeing the error, just tap ok or cancel and close the diamond recharge page.

Go to classic match(shown in image)

Account is in Danger Step-2

Don’t invite anyone. Click on the start button. Wait for matchmaking (as shown in image).

Account is in Danger-Step-3

When finally find matchmaking, do not click enter. I repeat, do not click enterbutton(as shown in image).

Account is in Danger-Step-4

Just wait till the countdown finish(as shown in image).

Account is in Danger-Step-5

That’s it guys. Now go to buy diamonds page again. Try the amount you wanted. And voila, it works like a charm(as shown in image).

Account is in Danger-Step-6

No need to contact in game customer support. It is working for me guys. Lemme know if it works for you or not. Also added a youtube video link for easy understanding.

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