Now Being Produced In Mass, It's Leaking Features of Honda SUV e:concept

Now Being Produced In Mass, It's Leaking Features of Honda SUV

Honda SUV e:concept performed for the first time in the world at the Beijing international Automotive Exhibition 2020. On the same occasion Honda revealed the main features in the SUV e:concept.

This electric concept car is planned to be mass produced in the future.

There's not much information on the specifications of the suv e:concept, it's just that Honda claims that this car will later offer a pleasant driving experience.

To bring that experience, Honda divulged a few advanced technological features that would be pinned to the electric SUV if it had been mass produced.

The new electric car will be equipped with omnidirectional ADAS. A suite of features that provide comfort and assist the driver in driving. Omnidirectional ADAS is an advanced technology as well as the next generation of Honda Sensing.

One of the features developed is a camera with a 360-degree angle of view. This allows the system to accurately detect objects around the vehicle. This system can help safe driving on the highway.

Honda went to great lengths to realize collision-free driving. Through these new features and technologies can help drivers and passengers stay safe and avoid traffic accidents.

To achieve this goal, Honda plans to begin adas Omnidirectional testing in China before the end of this year.

In addition, the suv e:concept also got the latest generation Honda Connect. Inside it embedded features an AI assistant interface, smartphone links, and wireless connectivity.

Honda CR-V PHEV Introduced

In addition to the Honda SUV e:concept, on the same occasion Honda also introduced the CR-V Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). This eco-friendly SUV is scheduled to go on sale in January 2021.

The hybrid system for this model was developed based on the Hybrid's two-motor system, the Sporty Hybrid i-MMD, with improvements in the efficiency of the battery and converter system.

This system can provide a sense of driving like a pure electric car that is comfortable and noise-free, and suitable for use as a daily vehicle.

In terms of design, the CR-V PHEV look a bit similar to the non-PHEV version. As a differentiation, the manufacturer with the 'H' logo gives a little touch to create its own distinctive features.

On the front of the car are led headlights, complete with undulating graphics around it. Grilnya has three blades that give the impression of macho, and right in the middle there is a blue Honda logo.

Around the arch the wheels are coated in black aprons. While the back of the car is attached the logo "e:PHEV" as a marker cr-v phev model.

Honda has not revealed what the interior looks like. But there are expected to be small changes and the addition of the latest features.


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