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  The Detailed Hayabusa Build Guide

The Detailed Hayabusa Build Guide - Hayabusa works best with characters who can save him from disabling skills or have disabling skills themselves, allowing him to deal damage without worrying about getting too much in return. Characters with displacement skills works best with him so he can focus all his ultimate damage on that 1 person only.


  • Extremely strong in 1v1 fights late game
  • One of the best pokers in the game
  • Extremely difficult to kill because of his teleportation
  • One of the best splitpushers in the game
  • Insanely high damage
  • Good at stealing gold crab, turtle etc


  • Ridiculously weak early game
  • Item dependant
  • Too weak to help teammates when they need it
  • Long cooldowns
  • One of the hardest heroes to use

Hayabusa Skills

[Passive] Ninjustsu: Shadow Heal
If skills hit the same target 4 times within a period of time, Hayabusa will restore some health. The lower your health, the more health you will restore. This passive has a cooldown of 3 seconds.

Use the combo, teleport right into the enemy + 1st skill. When your teleporting shadow hits and enemy, it counts to the stack of the passive and if all 3 shurikens hit the enemy, you heal some health
This passive does not work on minions

[1st skill] Phantom Shuriken

Throws out 3 shurikens in a fan shaped area. Each shuriken deals 250 physical damage and lowers the enemy’s movement speed by 60%. If the same enemy was hit again later, that enemy receives 200% of the original damage. If all 3 shurikens hit the enemy, Hayabusa regenerates 20% of health.

Teleport right in front of the enemy and use this skill for maximum damage
Use this skill to harrass the enemy as much as possible
If an enemy is chasing you or your teammate when at low health, lower their movement speed with this to run away
If you time it right, you can steal opponent jungle minions like gold crab
Shoot it into bushes to check if any enemies are hiding in there

[2nd skill] Quad Shadow

Releases 4 shadows in 4 different directions. If a shadow hits an enemy, it deals 120 physical damage, slows down the enemy movement speed by 60% and follows the enemy. Tap and drag at the direction of which shadow you want to teleport to. Teleporting to the shadow that is following the enemy will do another 120 physical damage

One of the best escape abilities in the game, use this to run away from enemies!
Teleport onto the enemy and use your first skill to damage the enemy with maximum damage from 3 shurikens!
If an enemy is chasing you or your teammate at low health, slow them down with this skill
Use this skill + 1st skill to steal gold crab and other jungle monsters
Before pushing for the tower, prepare your escape this skill first so you can get out quick when an enemy comes

[Ultimate] Ougi: Shadow Kill

Deals multiple single target damage while dashing from enemy to enemy. Deals 130 physical damage per hit. Damage on a single enemy increases by 5% each time Hayabusa hits them with this skill.

This ultimate makes you the fastest wave clearing character in the whole game. Don’t hestitate to use your ultimate on a clump of minions
At max level, you can kill a full health mage with just this skill
If you are getting chased and your 2nd skill is on cooldown, buy time using the ultimate as it makes you invincible for a little while
Don’t hestitate to tower dive to kill an enemy as this skill makes you immune to all damage
It is a bit mana costly so be aware of your mana bar when you use this skill constantly
Which skills do it level up at each level?
Level 1: Phantom shurikens (For early game farming) (1/6)
Level 2: Quad shadows (1/6)
Level 3: Phantom shurikens (Faster farming and more poking) (2/6)
Level 4: Ougi – shadow kill (Get ready to damage some people) (1/3)
Level 5: Phantom shurikens (3/6)
Level 6: Phantom shurikens (4/6)
Level 7: Ougi – shadow kill (2/3)
Level 8: Quad shadows (2/6) (You should have eneough damage to heavily damage mages and marksmen)
Level 9: Quad shadows (3/6)
Level 10: Phantom shurikens (5/6)
Level 11: Phantom shurikens (6/6) (If all 3 shurikens hit an enemy, that’s 2500 damage!)
Level 12: Ougi – shadow kill (3/3) (Start killing every mage and marksman out there)
Level 13: Quad shadows (4/6)
Level 14: Quad shadows (5/6)
Level 15: Quad shadows (6/6)
Hayabusa Battle Spells

Retribution: The #1 spell for all assassins. Helps immensely in farming, giving you the edge in battle. More farming=More gold=More items=Stronger. Constantly use this spell to farm and steal opponent jungle minions if possible. If you get tier 2 jungle items, use this on enemy heroes to deal a little bit of damage and decrease their movement speed for a short period of time

Purify: If you ever get stunned and is about to get killed by the whole opponent team, use this spell to quickly get out. Hayabusa has a great escape skills but he can’t use it if he is stunned. Be careful while using it though as it has a really long cooldown.
Hayabusa Equipment SchemeHayabusa Equipment Scheme

[Bloodlust Axe]Bloodlust Axe

+70 physical damage, +10% CD reduction, 20% of damage from skills heal the hero.

Hayabusa’s ultimate deals massive damage, taking advantage of the healing on this item, giving him lots of sustain. A must buy when you play hayabusa. The CD reduction helps in letting you use your ultimate more too.

[Magic Shoes]Magic Shoes

+10% CD reduction, +40 movement speed

Every hero except fanny needs boots plus, the extra CD reduction will allow you to use your ultimate more.

[Magic Blade]Magic Blade

+60 physical damage, + 24 magic RES, gives you a shield that absorbs 510-1350 damage according to level when you health drops below 30%, this effect has a 20 second cooldown

A must have for assassins to avoid getting slayed by mages plus, it gives you a bit of protection from the shield to avoid death, This item is really good for assassins as its the best offensive-defensive hybrid item in the game and assassins benefit a lot from this.

[Hunter Strike]Hunter Strike

+100 physical damage, +10% CD reduction, attacking an enemy five times in a row increases the hero’s   movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds, this effect has a cooldown of 15 seconds

This item will give Hayabusa a big damage boost along with more CD reduction which always helps greatly in letting you use your ultimate more.

[Malefic Roar]Malefic Roar

+60 physical damage, +40% armor penetration, Basic attack will ignore 20% of turret’s armor and deal more damage to turrets

This item will help in damaging tanks as at late game, without this item, you barely deal any damage to them. This item also helps in pushing turrets too by making you deal more damage to turrets by ignoring 20% of their armor

[Blade of Despair]Blade of Despair

+170 physical damage, +10% attack speed, deals 10% of extra damage to enemies who are stunned, disabled etc.

The last and final item. Gives you a ridiculous damage boost, allowing you to deal up to 700 basic attack damage while being able to kill characters like zilong with just your ultimate.
Laning Partners

Chou – This guy can tank damage well and has decent disables to distract the enemy while you run away but more importantly, his ultimate kicks enemies far away from their teammates to let you focus all you damage on that person.

Zilong – Again with displacement skills, zilong can move displace the enemy and both of you can proceed to burst down the enemy. Zilong and Hayabusa are really dangerous at ambushing as both of them can deal massive damage quickly.

Akai – Is tanky enough to protect you from damage and his ultimate is sure to let you land all your ultimate damage onto the enemy. Both of you are also really good at poking too. Hayabusa’s 1st skill and Akai’s 2nd skill can annoy the enemy a lot.
Heroes Hayabusa Counters

Hayabusa is able to counter all mages, marksmen, support and assassins late game. That is 4 out of the 6 classes! His ultimate really does a lot of damage if focused on one enemy but i will just list the super hard counters

Harley – Harley has no disables, no stuns, just nothing! Don’t hestitate to attack him at all. As long as he is not with his teammates, take the chance and kill him with your ultimate. He also can’t run from you too as you too can teleport like harley.

Karrie – Karrie is just all about damage but you are invincible during ult mode so you can damage her without taking any in return. If she does start attacking you, just teleport away, no problems here!

Karina – You deal a lot more damage than her late game, no way is it possible to lose even if you are at half health. I once even killed karina with less that 15% of health with her at full so don’t turn away from a chance to kill her.
Heroes That Counter Hayabusa

If you play him really well, you really won’t ever die as your teleport is your life saver but there are some heroes that will give you some problems.

Zilong – The bane of all assassins. This guy has so much burst that as soon as you are done with your ult, you immediately get a bomb of damage to your face. A fed Zilong will have no problems killing you.

Aurora – The queen on disables. Her freeze makes you unable to do anything, giving her teammates time to kill you. This is where purify comes in handy.

Sun – What? Sun? But he is useless! Sun’s clones makes is completely impossible for Hayabusa to kill him as his ult will be divided among the clones, minimising the damage. He can’t kill you as he has pathetic damage but you cant kill him either. Sun just makes you completely waste your ultimate which is ridiculously annoying.
What do I think?

Hayabusa is definitely stronger than most characters in the game. His ability to deal damage without taking much is return is his strength. He can deal a ton of damage but his biggest weakness is not being able to support as well in teamfights. Although being really weak early game, he is able to make it up for it late game. He is not item dependent which is good but he is level dependent as Hayabusa is pretty useless without his ultimate. His ultimate is what makes him. Mastering Hayabusa means mastering his Quad shadows. After mastering his shadows, you will be unkillable.

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