21 really cute animal shape bread ideas

A cute collection of animal shaped bread photos.

These breads are formed to resemble animals, so that the form of bird bread, bear bread, turtle bread, elephant bread, panda bread, rabbit bread, horse bread, goat shape bread and frogs are also there. Anyway these buns are very adorable.

Kids will definitely want this cute animal shape bread. Adults also will not be able to refuse. It's a funny shape to do not eat.

This animal shape bread that needs to be formed from the basic dough, there are also formed of ready-made ripe breads.

Here are 21 adorable animal shapes:

I don't have a recipe of these cute animal shape buns, I just want to share his pictures to be inspiring for you.
Roti bentuk burung dalam sarang
Bird Shaped Bread. Foto: Fiestas Infantiles

Foto: (@some.shi) di instagram.com
Roti bentuk kepala kuda yang lucu
Horse Bread. Foto: ameblo.jp
Foto: disalce.com
Bread Pledge of Bear.
Bread Pledge of Bear. Foto: K.K. laboratory
Foto: littlemissbento.com
Burger bentuk beruang
Foto: aico, via ameblog.jp
Roti burger bentuk beruang
Bear Burgers. Foto: ameblo,jp
Turtle Bread
Turtle Bread. Foto: themoonblushbaker.blogspot.com.au
Roti bentuk kura-kura
Turtle Bread. Foto: widelec.org
Roti bentuk gajah
Elephant Bread. Foto: monapan.com
Bread Roll Hedgehogs
Bread Roll Hedgehogs. Foto: www.cutebento.com
Japanese Green Tea Melon Bread
Japanese Green Tea Melon Bread. Foto: via cookpad.com
Sheep Chocolate Custard Bread.
Sheep Chocolate Custard Bread. Foto: srisnom, via SnapDish Recipe & Food
Panda Bread
Panda Bread. Foto: colacat
Roti lapis bentuk kucing
Foto: Creative Ideas on FB
Octopus Shape Bread
Octopus Shape Bread. Foto: Elvira Moran, via pinterest.com
Foto: @maysatchlin
Foto: Wagon’s Kitchin
Foto: myfirstpinterest.blogspot.com
Bunny Bread Bowls
Bunny Bread Bowls. Foto: kasrin.knackebrot
Funny-Cute is the bread? Hopefully be the inspiration for you.
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