34 Design Decorative floral pastries for your inspiration

Celebrate the springtime and the heat of summer with a bouquet of sugar cakes! Ornamental flower pastries are the perfect gift for your beloved mother, sister, or best friend.

The ingredients of the sugar cake dough generally are versatile flour, eggs, baking powder, sugar, and a bit of salt. Flatten the sugar cake dough, use the cookie cutter to form flowers, then bake in the oven. Decorate the sugar cake with fondant, ganache, royal icing, or brown to form beautiful ornamental flowers.

Here are the 34 designs of decorative floral pastries, hopefully it can be an inspiration for you who want to make a flower shape dried cake.

Mother's Day Bouquet Cookies
Sugar Cookies. Foto: CountryCrock
Flower Cookies. Foto: via Pinterest
Pink & Black Vintage Cookie
Pink & Black Vintage Cookie. Foto: Lievitando.blogspot.com
Pretty Dainty Tea Cookies
Pretty Dainty Tea Cookies. Foto: Highsocietytearoom.tumblr.com
Garden Party Flower Cookies
Garden Party Flowers. Foto: Cookie Connection
Simple Cute Cookies
Simple Cute Cookie. Foto: MontanaRosePainter.com
Cherry Blossom Cookies
Cherry Blossom Cookies. Foto: Mmiss Biscuit
Vanilla Sandwich Cookies
Vanilla Sandwich Cookies. Foto: Sugary & Buttery
Cherry Blossoms Cookie
Cherry Blossoms. Foto: via juliausher.com
Fondant Flower Cookies
Fondant Flower Cookies. Foto: highsocietytearoom.tumblr.com
Tulip Cookies
Tulip Cookies. Foto: Cake Whiz
3D Flower Cookies
3D Flower Cookies. Foto: cloughd9cookies.com
Lemon Cookies
Lemon Cookies. Foto: instagram
Lavender And Green Monogram Cookie Set
Lavender And Green Monogram Cookie Set. Foto: Julia MUsher
Biscotti Decorati In Ghiaccia Reale. Foto: mycakes.it
Orange Cookies
Orange Cookies. Foto: instagram
Beautiful Floral Cookies.
Beautiful Floral Cookies. Foto: Catch My Party
Victorian Love Cookies
Victorian Love Cookies. Foto: via Pinterest
Lavender Cookies
Lavender Cookies. Foto: Anna Dziedzic
Star-Gazer Lily Cookies
Star-Gazer Lily Cookies. Foto: cloughd9cookies.com
Pansies Cookie.
Pansies Cookie. Foto: by Piernikowe Serca
Flowers in the Window Cookies
Flowers in the Window. Foto: by Piernikowe Serca
Pansies in a Beautiful Flower Pot Cookies
Pansies in a Beautiful Flower Pot. Foto: by Missy Sue
Sunflowers and Little Butterflies Cookies
Sunflowers and Little Butterflies. Foto: via Cookie Connection
Flower Embroidery Cookie
Flower Embroidery Cookie. Foto: AnnaV.
Morning Glory Cookies
Morning Glory Cookies. Foto: susana
Rose & Lavender Cookies
Rose & Lavender Cookies. Foto: www.cakecoachonline.com
Hand Painted And Sugar Flowers Сookies
Hand Painted And Sugar Flowers Сookies. Foto: CakesDecor.com
Art Nouveau Floral Lace Wedding Cookies
Art Nouveau Floral Lace Wedding Cookies. Foto: CakeCentral
Lily of The Valley Cookie
Lily of The Valley Cookie. Foto: by Gingerbread Fairy
Bonjour. Foto: instagram
Flowers Cookies. Foto: instagram
Flower Cookie by Tatiana Kudryavtseva. Foto: instagram
Floral Cookies.
Floral Cookies. Foto: Miss Biscuit
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