Lane Guide – Gaming for Beginners (Mobile Legends Guides)

 Lane Guide – Gaming for Beginners (Mobile Legends Guides)

Lane Guide – Game Experience for Beginners

Gold and Exp

Gold and EXP is what you want, it helps you get your equipment and scale with power to overcome your enemies. How to farm gold? It's simple, be near a minion as they die, kill an enemy champion, kill Jungle monster and take turrets.

Gold Per Minion: 40-100 (you get more gold by last hitting)
Gold Crab: 80 gold and 10 gold every 2 seconds (lasts 30 seconds) total gold 230.
Kill Gold: 200
Turret Gold: 100 divided to whole team but its not that simple, if you want to take the upper hand versus your enemies i will show you how.

Killing Enemies Safely

First of you gotta understand, killing enemies does give you a good heap of gold, you get 200 gold from a kill BUT! How much does minion waves give?

Every wave gives you 40-100 gold per minion, in total you get 200, so… why risk to kill your enemy if you can just lane safely. Because you want them to miss minion waves, so when playing, make sure to poke your enemies in the lane safely and go for the kill if your certain you wont die. Because you will miss a lot of gold.

2v1 Lane Situation

In case your doing 2v1 you gotta understand this. you got it good. Why? because minion wave gold and exp divides between 2 players, so you will be getting more gold and EXP and your enemies will get less while doing nothing at all, yup just stay under turret and poke your enemies if their being dumb. And hope that your teammates will use your smartness as an advantage to put pressure in other lanes. But because of the GOLD crab, your enemies will get it and get a gold boost, so 1v2 is still unadvised.

If your certain you can get it and escape tho, then give it a try. i did steal a lot of gold craps with ruby’s ult doing 1v2, its not impossible.

If you know you will be going 1v2. or want to scale fast just get retribution, you will be able to steal the gold crab safely that way giving you and your allies an advantage.

Lane Partners

When laning you will be sharing gold and exp with your partner, and most of the time your partner will be selfish enough to kill minions while your safely healing and coming back from a lane fight.

Your denying gold and exp from your teammate basically which happens often. So if you want to be a good partner, wait for them and DON’T attack the minions, and honestly it does benefit against your enemy laners as well because minions will do damage to each other.

If your enemies backed and your alone, they will miss at least 1 minion.

Neighboring Jungle Monsters
When the game starts and your laning you have a jungle monster next to your lane which gives 70 gold and a decent amount of Exp. Killing it first then going back to lane is advised because your starting the re-spawn timer sooner while not missing one minion (unless Your laning a lone or doing mid lane). If a jungle monster is available again make sure that you got time to get both monster and minions, remember minions are worth more.

If you are laning a lone just hope your enemy laner is pushing the lane first, which gives you time to kill the monster and have the first minion  kill since they were pushed close enough for you to get the gold.

Thanks enemy laners~

Predicting Enemy Minion Waves
Your minion wave is also your enemies, both spawn at the same time and moves in the same speed so look at your wave and predict where your wave will clash. will your wave reach the enemy turret or will it stop giving your enemy time to clear yours.

Fog of War

The map is super crucial, when i play i always look at the map, to know where enemies are, in laning phase you want to make sure enemies wont gank you, so look at mid lane and try to spot where the enemy Junglers are in the map. If they are visible, then great you can kill your enemy laners if your confident In your own skill without any surprises.

In late game, look at the map if your split pushing, if enemies are missing and your over extended HIDE! and hope you can escape. (over extending is unadvised unless your super fast/mobile or pro Fanny)

Make use of minions to give you vision, if you push minions your enemies will pop up in the map to clear them, giving you an advantage of map control.

Overall, Do Not Die

Try not to die, if your facing strong early laners like Lancelot and Hylos just… just stay alive and stay in lane as much as you can to get gold and EXP your winning just by doing that.

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