Vexana Skills & Abilities



Add a spell to a target who take damage from the necromancer lasting X second.While the spell is casted,the target will explode upon death dealing X magic damage at surrounding units. Units who received plague damage from the puppet will also have necromancer spell cast on them.

1st Skill:

Unleashes ghost power to create a terrifying skull which attacks in a forward direction dealing X magic damage which causes the first hero and other heroes in a small area thag gets hit to lose control and move towards her for X seconds.

2nd skill:

Summon a creature that deals X magic damage in a specified direction.


Put a curse that last X second which deals X magic damage and causes the target to receive X magic damage per second.If the target dies while in curse,the target will be resurrected and become a necromancer puppet fighting for the necromancer.The puppet will inherit X % of the original attributes and continuously deal plague damage to the surrounding enemies dealing X % of the enemies max Hp as magic damage.

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